Our Featured Services


B-BBEE Consulting


Excolo takes pride in being a Transformational Impact Partner to clients. Our value proposition is indicative that a single B-BBEE scorecard has Double Impact: Transactional and Transformational.


Our B-BBEE services include Advisory, Consulting, Implementation and Training. Our key deliverables include, inter alia, the following:


  • Current B-BBEE status analysis
  • Strategy formulation and Implementation
  • Verification File Preparation and Submission
  • Sector Codes Updates
  • Employment Equity reminders and assistance
  • Skills Development submission assistance
  • Learnership Programmes
  • Training

ESD Management


ESD forms a key and priority element on the B-BBEE scorecard. Through shared values with Excolo’s clients, we collectively consider this the most effective way to develop entrepreneurs and support sustainable job creation.


Excolo provides a fully managed outsourced ESD Management Office.  Our solutions are both holistic and integrated.


Enterprise Development

  • Status Assessment against B-BBEE scorecard requirements
  • Strategy Development
  • Programme Implementation
  • Sourcing of suitable beneficiaries


Supplier Development

  • Spend and Demand Analysis
  • Procurement Analysis
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Sourcing of suitable suppliers
  • Solution Design
  • Programme Implementation


Programme Management Essentials

  • Governance
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Communication Management
  • MER

SME Development


As a team of entrepreneurs at Excolo, we identify with the challenges faced by South African SMEs. Our customised and holistic solutions provide necessary support for sustainable growth and job creation.


Excolo provides valuable services to SMEs through a partnership model.  This model is based on fact that many SMEs do not have or cannot afford full time internal resources for basic functions.  As a fully outsourced partner, Excolo provides both Advisory, Consulting and Management, and Support  services.


Advisory, Consulting and Management

  • B-BBEE: Good Practice on the journey to GE
  • Strategy
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • HR
  • IT
  • Branding and Marketing


Support Services

  • Training
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Advisory Committee