What We Do


B-BBEE Consulting

Excolo takes pride in being a Transformational Impact Partner to clients. Our value proposition is indicative that a single B-BBEE scorecard has Double Impact: Transactional and Transformational.

ESD Management

ESD forms a key and priority element on the B-BBEE scorecard. Through shared values with Excolo’s clients, we collectively consider this the most effective way to develop entrepreneurs and support sustainable job creation.

SME Consulting

As a team of entrepreneurs at Excolo, we identify with the challenges faced by South African SMEs. Our customised and holistic solutions provide necessary support for sustainable growth and job creation.

Mission, Vision and Value Statements

Mission Statement

To Engage with South African Corporates and SMEs as an impactful partner of choice and provide continuous improvement as required.

Vision Statement

To be a trusted and impactful business partner of choice to South African Corporates and SMEs through referrals.

Values Statement

Excolo is committed to a shared value system with our clients that include Ethical Conduct, Honest and Transparent Communication and Service with Professionalism and Competence. The Excolo team is a keen supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals x 17.

‘The purpose of being in business is to stay in business, the function of business is to serve’